Innovation Development

Innovation brings the power of brand growth. Innovation also brings brand vitality. YC is a loyal and good partner to assist our customers launch packaging innovation to the market with fastest speed and best quality.

From the packaging 2D design, 3D structural design, mold design are completed at in-house. R&D team is leading by CEO with more than 30 years of mold design experience. Team always consider the all production details during mold design which will bring win-win solution for both clients and us.

Mould Development

In-house facility of mold design, mold manufacturing and mold maintenance are the sources of YC's strong competitiveness. Not only control the core development technologies, but also brings accumulation of important experience and technologies. Most important thing is our customers always enjoy the best service.

In addition, plenty of satellite processing factories around us in providing a complete back-up for our three months lead-time guaranteed. We only need two to three months to complete whole processing which include drawing development, mold development, mold trial, mold approval and ready to manufacturing. We never delay our clients' competitiveness due to innovation development.


Manufacturing Processing Material Type Product Category
*Injection Molding *ABS *3C Parts
*Bi-inection Molding *PE *Medical Appliances
*Insert Molding *PP *Cosmetics
*Over Molding *PMMA *Detergent and Personal wash
*Multi-shot sequential Molding *Silicone *Food

Quality Control

What we are most proud of our quality control is we have a double 100% quality inspection process. All injected products will be conducted first check right after injection. Then be packed and transferred to a professional inspection room for the second Quality inspection. At the same time, related functional tests and assembly tests can be conducted follow customers request before shipment. Also comprehensive ISO system management can help customers trace the relevant records of each batch of production products. All the efforts are to ensure that the customers gets satisfactory products.